Remote Flying (UAV)

We are in a time of rapid evolution and fast changing ideas, it seems like we all are getting justed to diversification and new stuff coming at a fast pace. The technology it starting to have big impact in many areas of life one of my favorites is flying and moving thru the air like never before, it is a very effective way of transportation and all the other ideas that emerge from that.


If you look back in time, in order to fly an aircraft and I mean big passengers planes at least 3 to 4 people were sitting in the cockpit managing all the instruments and interpreting all the information in order to have a safe flight. Now we have a maximum of two pilots and maybe another two that are resting in the cabin that will replace them in very long flights, that is a significant reduction of manpower compared to some years ago.

Continuing with the same idea many of the duties of a pilot are taken care by computers and radio signals, for example the advance autopilots that we have today are capable of landing an aircraft safely only with the supervision of the pilots, signals from the airport and from the airplane are continuously being sent, received, analized back and forth at a incredible fast speed and the most important point, with no mistakes or errors.


This takes me to write about completely unmanned aircrafts, having all this technology at our service and use took the inventors and engineers to create the so called drones and UAV’s for all kind of different purposes that you can imagine for good or bad. I am one of the individuals that like to think in the positive impact of these kind of creations, I have seen quadcopters helping firefighters for example, helping searching for a missing person in the desert, scanning farms and crops looking for animals that might get hurt during the harvest due to the use of huge tractors and automatic machines that can’t stop very easy in case there is an animal in the way.
The shift from manned to unmanned flying objects is very sensitive anyways due to the safety of the people in the air, but that does not mean that this is an impossible change.

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