How Airplanes Changed Time

Travelling takes time. Before the invention of the airplane, it would take weeks or even months to arrive at a destination from your point of origin. Airplanes change travel time and changed how we calculate time. How did airplanes come about? It came about with man’s desire to fly. You can read in Greek mythology how one guy wanted to fly and built himself wings and used was to put the feathers together. He did fly but he went close to the sun and the wax melted and he plummeted down to his death. In a financial sense, many want to make it big but without professional help from DORSEY WRIGHT, you can plunge to financial ruin.

The airplane was initially a war machine

When the airplane was finally invented, it was the military that took interest in it. In the U.S. and in Europe, inventors rushed to make and fly their planes. In World War I, the first airplane battle took place. It was a showcase of different plane designs and different engine configurations. It also featured different wing attachment. Some had double wings and some had triple wings. This design was later changed to the present single wing design of both commercial and military planes. If the military had not been interested on the airplane as a type of weapon, development may have been very slow.

The airplane evolved through necessity

Since airplanes can carry people, it evolved as a means of transport through necessity. As someone remarked, necessity is the mother of invention. From the single or double capacity fighter planes and the multi manned bomber planes, the airplane started its commercial design and application. You may notice that nothing much has changed from the early commercial planes. It is the same seat arrangement and the same entrance and exit doors. What has changed are the avionics and safety features. These are necessary innovation like what dorsey wright does with the financial market.

The airplane is here to stay

While the airplane does not have a perfect safety record, it is here to stay. When you rode your plane, you may never have thought that it will become obsolete one day. It may not be obsolete in the near future. It may travel faster and it may be more safe and comfortable but the airplane is here to stay. Millions now travel the world daily on the airplane. Domestic flights in countries with large land areas like China and India have increased tremendously since there are more planes and the airplane fare has become affordable.

The airplane did change time, travel time at that. It will continue to do that and you will be its greatest beneficiary. In the future, travel time will be cut further so that by some estimates a non-stop flight from New York to Paris will just be a matter of a few hours. The time factor is essential in both travel and business. Strategists like dorsey wright see to it that your time is spent not on travelling but on the more important things like increasing your investment returns.

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