Airbus – 4 Product Improvements and Topnotch Product Line

AirbusGroup is a well-known manufacturer of top notch aircrafts and commercial airliners. Formerly known as European Auronautic Defence and Spance Company, it has its base of operations in a suburb called Toulouse in Blagnac, France. Currently, they also have manufacturing and production facilities in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany.

They also have subsidiaries in India, China, Japan, and the United States. The original founders of this company were Henri Ziegler, Bernard Lathière, and Roger Béteille. In order to learn more about their product line, and what the main competitive advantage is of Airbus, just keep on reading.

Airbus Product Line

Airbus manufactures first-rate aircrafts with the motto, setting the standards. These days, there are a lot of other airline companies out there but Airbus manages to stay at the top. How do they do this? Well, their reign on top is possible due to the superb products that they produce. Here is a list of their superior aircrafts that are also considered to be market leaders.

The A320. The A320 family is composed of A318, A319, A320 and A321. It is a single-aisle jetliner and it is currently the best-selling line in the aircraft world. It is used in a wide range of services, from government missions and VVIP with the most sensitive passengers, to some airline short-haul routes. It can also be used for operations in an airfield with a high-altitude, to challenging airports in-city, for international segments and even on an ice runway in the Antarctic!

Latest News And Improvements

To stay on top, Airbus devotes their time to making their airline products better and more efficient. Here are some of the latest improvements that they have made. All of these are true for all A320 family products:

Video Screens. In order to make flights less boring, video screens are now put into place. Typically, video screens are used to watch movies and they are normally placed at the back of the seat. However, in our high-tech world today, plans are being made to make screens available on the windows and walls of the airplane!

Remote Flying. In the world of aviation, this is currently one of the top trending ideas. This idea came into life in order to reduce manpower and to reduce the possibility of human error. However, one of the main problems of remote flying is the issue of safety.

After all, what if something goes wrong with the plane while the jet is unmanned? Surely, having a human pilot present to handle any malfunctioning computers is still advisable.

A320neo. This is a new engine option that delivers minimum change with a maximum benefit. With NEO, you can get a 20% improvement on your fuel burn per seat and you will be able to gain an additional 500 nautical miles! With this engine, you are also helping the environment since it produces 3,600 tons less in C02.

Sharklets. These are wingtip devices that can help you save fuel. This device also helps in cutting down aerodynamic drag. This is possible since it reduces the spiral-shaped twisters that are formed in the wingtips of all aircrafts during a flight. It also allows at least 4% savings in overall fuel consumption during long flights and it improves takeoff performance.

These are just some things that you should know about Airbus. So if you are looking for a top notch, efficient and superior aircraft, make sure to keep your eye out for Airbus products!

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